Cedar Environmental Ltd



The Independent Consultants for the Management and Control of                                       Legionnaires' Disease

By providing a Professional, Independent, Impartial Consultancy and Legionella sampling and testing service.  We help to guide you through the maze of HSE Guidelines and         Legislation and thus compliance.

The Company

Cedar Environemental Ltd is an independent consultancy dedicated exclusively to Legionella management & control.

Having gained much experience in the field of Legionella managament & control.  Cedar Environmental Ltd provide a well-respected, totally independent and unbiased sampling inspection and advice service.

Cedar Environmental Ltd provide the following Legionella Management Services :

* Independent un-biased consultancy.  Annual cold water storage tank inspection and sampling.  Should the sample results be unsatisfactory actions will be recommneded.

* UKAS accredited sample analysis for Legionella bacteria.

* Legionella water hygiene risk assessment carried out in accordance with the Health Safety Executive (HSE) Approved Code of Practice and Guidance L8.

0121 4234392

165 White Road, Quinton, Birmingham, B32 2SX

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